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 In the current world of uncertainty there is certain breed of men and women that step into the breech to defend freedom and justice. These brave men and women stand tall every day to defend the people of society and stop any threat that may loom over them. They do so with little or no thanks, day to day,  and live by the code that drive them to perform their duties flawlessly in the line of danger every day of their career.....


It is the pleasure of Doc's Tactical Supply to provide these modern day hero's with the gear they need to perform that duty! We strive to provide the highest level of excellence in customer service to these brave men and women by:


1. Being available to our clients 24 hours a days in our store front by appointment.

2. Providing a flawless customer service and making sure they know our customers always come first.

3. Providing a comprehensive and quality line of tactical gear, weapons, and weapons accessories from such companies as Fox, Condor, BlackHawk, Surefire, Magpul, YHM, Del-ton inc., Stag Arms, Maverick, Mossberg, Winchester, Remington, and many many more.

4. Constantly researching current trends in Combat Readiness Gear, Home Defense, and Sporting Gear.

5. Offering all Law Enforcement, First Responders, Fire Fighters, Corrections, Military, and Security a standing discount on all Gear, Weapons Accessories, and Ammo in our inventory.

6. Offering Veterans, Law Enforcement, Current Military, and any other who desire a place to come and escape from the hectic pace of life and shop in a relaxed environment with highly knowledgeable staff.

 7. We also will be more than happy to provide any educational support you may be in need of to properly manage, care for, or operate your gear and weapons.


We strive to constantly improve our service to our customers, so if we do not have it in stock we can always order it for your; please just request it. As always we find it a pleasure to serve you and look forward to serving the elite heros of today and tomorrow.   




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